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Yes, I suffer from severe tendonitis in the left wrist, and that began 5 years ago, when I had my first son, and it has been here since, off and on. It flares up and last a couple of days it is horrible.

Then I have had migraines my whole life, and I have had tmj for 7 years. I had a dentist diagnosed me with temporal tendonitis of the tmj, and he believes that is what has caused my migraines, or extreme pain behind my left eyeball. The pain is debilitating, and has made me disabled, I cannot drive the pain is so bad, and I never know when an attack is going to come on. Everyday is unpredictable, and I can not drive longer than 10 minutes from the house.

What works for me? Ibuprofen, (I take vicoprofen, I am a chronic pain patient now, since Sept 07) and muscle relaxants (flexeril, diazepam). I also have fibromyalgia and myfascial pain syndrome, so unfortunately pain is part of my day everyday. The muscle relaxants help a lot especially for the temporal tendonitis, and relaxing the facial muscles. I have to say I am tired of the left wrist tendonitis, it is always there, lingering, ready to flare up.

I would like to know what works for other people, and if the tendonitis stays, is there a surgical solution?

I hope I helped somewhat, and asked some more questions too?