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Hi marcia

thanks for your resonse. Yeah i had cervical discectomy c5/c6 in 2005. I've been seeing a pm consultant and specialist since jan 07, had cervical epi, lumbar epi and nerve block in feb this year. Been on Lyrica since Jan 07, i was recently up to 550mg per day but it gives horrendous side effects, swellings etc. I've been on amitriptyline, now taking nortriptyline 50mg at night, diazepam 5mg x 2 per day, the lyrica helps a bit but its finding the right balance for me. 300mg per day less side effects but not enough response for pain. Nortrip helps me sleep, amitrip knocks me for six and when you've got a young family to contend with it aint easy. Been on the duloxetine for 3 weeks now 60mg per day, i hasnt done anything for me as yet but i feel sleepy, dopey and get odd dizzy spells. I've also got disc degeneration going on in my spine and large herniation in lumbar spine, healthy arnt i ! I'm 38 going on 98. So yes i have issues going on with my spine, surgery etc, its real crap this condition, nagging, draining, you name it is does it, i flare up all over, numbness in limbs, swellings, odd sensations, and not least the pain. I dont really know what else to say, if you look at my history i've been on this forum for about 12 months. I'm sorry you have this god awful condition also, its not well known over here, still in its infancy of being recognised by many dr's, my pm team are great though so thats a good thing but it doesnt solve the problems you have to live with day in day out.

good luck to you and thanks again for your response, its very much appreciated. tkb;)