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Hello there,

I have been taking valium (diazepam) on/off for a few years (I am 24). My worst daily dosage was 90+mg (No, I am not kidding - And, this was with alcohol and often other sedatives "Heath Ledger/Anna Nicole Cocktails" RIP.

I managed to get through a month of excrutiating withdrawal, then got my addict hands on another bottle.

I went through all 50 10mg. pills in about 2 weeks (using them very recklessly).

My life has improved tremendously since I kicked the habit and went on lexapro (10mg/day).

However, this time around I am TERRIFIED of the notion of going into seizures. My body doesn't seem to be going through any withdrawal this time around (it's been several days since I ran out of my stash). I have been drinking heavily almost every night and operating on my usual 3hrs of sleep per day.

I'm a rather tough woman (despite my petite frame), yet wonder whether I shouldn't get myself to an MD right away (to be on the safe side). I would have to declare myself indigent, given that I have no medical coverage right now or extra money.

PLEASE HELP! I am scared of what I've been reading and would love someone to respond with some accurate advice.

email me at [email][email protected][/email] &/or send a thread.