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By the symptoms your describing it sounds like a
herniated disc or sciatica which means the disc
is bulging and pressing on the sciatic nerve.
Depending upon the degree of the bulge it sounds
like physical therapy is to hard on you. For the
life of me most of these therapists don't
understand the pain of a disc problem. You should
be trying to when possible very light movement
even going for a very small walk. Walking actually
helps exercise the back. Your back is weak and
there is quite a bit of inflammation. As far as
work goes I think you have a physical job it
would be wise to stop or risk further damage
resulting in most of your day spent in bed. Try
to get some inflammation medicine such as
diclofenac sodium 50mg this was the meds I was
taking and it does help with the inflammation.
Also it would be wrong to lift anything more than
5 pounds as this will aggravate your back and will
make the disc pain worse. If the pain doesn't ease
up within 2-3 weeks your looking at a epidural
steriod injection to ease the inflammation around
the disc. Like I mentioned before take it easy and
go to therapy if you can but inform them you want
very light exercises only. Any questions feel free
to post.
4 years post lumber discectomy of L5-S1 and doing
well. Good luck and take care.