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Dear Mary.
Hello there Poppet.
Sorry i have not answered before this but i have been busy and had an hospital appt myself bean..

What jennifer as siad is pretty much right.

What i had in re: meds after my op was dyhidrocodeine which is a lot lot weaker than the meds i am on now a year on, I also had Diclofenac for imflamation and diazapam for muscle relaxent..

As for the walking tothe Toilet you will be able to do taht so easy and you will be able to manage the stairs, i was'nt allowed out of hospital untill i could manage stairs!

As for things to help when you are home, Toilet raisers, Bed and Sofa raisers, A Stick like grabber thing, called a 'Helping Hand' helps you pick things up without bending..

An xtra long shoe horn to help getting shoes on and off..

Mary trust me you will feel better than you think, I just hope it carry's on that way for you bean..

Ask any thing else that i may help you with..

The car thing, Good tip. Put a plastic bin bag on your seat, and it will help you get in and out more easily so you do not have to keep twisting..And i sat up front on the way home, hubbie just had to go slower..

Take Care bean..

Love pebble's xxx