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Hello all,
I was diagnosed with spondy about a year ago. I am 19 and playing softball for an university. I've been to about 2 doctors and 2 chiropractors, nothing seems to help. One of the docs say that I have a grade 1 but almost a 2. I am now taking Diclofenac but it doesn't relieve any of the pain. It is good to know that others are experiencing what I am feeling...believe me its no fun! Each year its getting worse. I'm thinking its because of my softball days but I don't know. I'm still researching a lot about spondy and reading what you guys have wrote really helps. I was wondering if my softball career over because of spondy? Its getting to the point where I will run the bases but all of a sudden my left leg will "freeze" up for a second and then I'm fine. Sometimes I feel numb from the my lower back to my thighs. I know this is probably from the nerve being pinched. I am in pain most of the time (mainly the numbing and dull pain)but I can't take pain killers when I'm at school b/c of the side effects. What can I take that won't make me drowsy or sick. I definitely don't want to fall asleep on the field!!!haha. Another question....do I need surgery? How long will I be out if I do. If any one has advice on when to have the surgery especially those who are in college please give some insight. Good luck to you all!! God bless!