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My daughter has been diagnosed with the above after spending a week in hospital with the most horrendous headaches, dizziness, nausea, light, noise and movement sensitivity. She has pain in her back and neck, as she was involved in a slight car accident after her gp visit, which may be clouding the issue. She's been sent home now and after several horrendous experiences along the way, our gp's are now in charge and things seem to be going ok. She's on diclofenac 3 x 50mg and 8 x 1000mg paracetamol daily, but she's still in pain and waiting for the next medication. She has been sleeping all the morning and cannot open her eyes, could it be the diclofenac? Has anyone else had any experience of this and can help with what I can expect, does this go on for some time? Will there be a gradual improvement or will we have our ups and downs? Doctors and gp's don't seem to know. So if you can help me over the next few days and weeks I would be so grateful. We have been told it could last about 6-10 weeks!!!!! So any help anyone can give would be appreciated greatly. We’ve heard Milk Thistle may help to support the liver when taking such large doses of medication, anyone have any ideas on that please? As you can see I’m at my wits end, so any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
p.s. This is my first post, so I hope I've done everything right!!!
Hi Sonjaday
Have only just seen your note above as have just been prescribed diclofenac for knee problems. However, I suffer badly with migraines and those symptoms you mention your daugheter is experiencing "most horrendous headaches, dizziness, nausea, light, noise and movement sensitivity" is exactly the migraine part I am sure. I had an overall check up as I seemed to have sickness problems as well as the horrible heads, and put it down to food, but was told directly that my migraines had changed from just the pain to this dreadfull thing. It floors you for about two days if you are not treated. So, with this in mind I was given Maxalt Melt (rizatriptan melt) which you take as soon as you feel the symptoms of a migraine coming on, (and yes there is a definite difference between a headache and migraine). It is in wafer (tiny) form and melts as soon as it touches the tongue thus preventing the feeling of wanting to be sick, tastes slightly of peppermint. It takes about 15 to 20 mins to work. You mentioned also that your daughter could not or had trouble opening her eyes. Again I think this could well be down to the migraine type pain she experiences as my eyes just will not stay open, its another way of your body making sure you stay put and rest I think! Its also very difficult to explain that one to people, as they cannot envisage your eyes having a mind of there own and just shutting, but its true! The other thing for the head and neck pain may be Feverfew a herbal remedy. I am about to start myself off on these as they need to be in your system for a while before you feel any effects, i.e. about a month, this is for a preventative and they are a herb so will take a while to work I guess. Anyhow its just a thought and worth having a look at the Migraine Sites as there are about 43 strians of migraines, Wonderful eh!! Oh and yes, the sleep thing is very deep, but you can still awake with the awful head. The soothing part is when you wrap somethin around your eyes so its completley pitch black and may be get someone to rub gently but firmly around the base of the skull, (occipital) and also a gentle stroking at the sides of the head and massage the head all over, it doesn't get rid of the pain as such but it is relaxing.
I hope you are finding answers and sites that help you and your daughter, I wish you both well.
Best Regards
Calire1 (and Harry the dog) UK Based