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I was diagnosed 15 years ago with Scheurmanns disease. While curvature has yet to set in, my spine has now worn to a third of it's required size, causing a canal stenosis.
After years of Physiotherapy and MRI scans and bads news after bad news,I went to seek private medical advice. Much research has only discovered many a conflicting opinion.
So i set about trying to work it out myself. I've tried literally hundreds of different things. I discovered along the way that the 11 opiots a day i was taking were serving merely to diminish my kidney, liver and brain functions. So after a few years of trying different things here's what i recomend:
1. Ditch diclofenac, dihydrocodeine and co codamol long term. Replace with Magnetic Field Therapy. Known also to treat depression it's a fun form of pain relief, and ultimitely harmless. It leaves you giggling like a schoolchild after! Also heat wraps and hot baths help
2. Do core stregthening exercises, in particular Pilates. This is painful at first, the trick is to build up slowly - really slowly and persevere.
3. Walk everywhere. I ditched the back brace and walking sticks. I'd become dependant on them. Again start slowly and concentrate on posture (VERY IMPORTANT)
4. cut out dairy as much as possible. Replace cows milk with Soya milk (rice milk on cereals actually tastes a bit nicer!)
5. sounds simple but really try to destress. My back was at it's worse when i was going through a divorce. Meditation helps. If you don't know how, then you can start with guided meditation.
6. If possible (and this has been the biggest help for me by far) move to a warm climate. I migrated from Yorkshire to the South Coast and the difference is phenominal.
7. Take vitamin supplements including Cod Liver Oil (1000mg) and Glucosamine. Do this every day. You can see by the improvemnt in your nails and hair what good it is doing for your bones.
I've been doing all this for the last 18 months and for the first time in my life i feel the improvement in my back strength and posture.
It won;t work to just bang on about your disability if you're not prepared to put in the effort to get better. Defy the critics, and teach the medical profession how to deal with Scheurmanns instead of abdicate from it.
good luck x