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Hi to everybody, I’m new at this community, I’m a little sad about my problem, because I have it about for 8 years (yeah, is too much), and I can’t get out of it and I don’t know why.

I’m near 25 years old; I will try to be the most conscious that I can. From about 8 years I begin to get some strange symptoms, the most unwanted is that burning felling, I fell that my blood is burning through my veins, and I fell my face hot, and if I can see myself in a mirror, I notice a kind of red color in my face. I fell that every day for years and I’m tired of this situation. I have to tell that the health care in my country is not good at all, and I’m felling so unlucky because any doctor can’t tell me what is going on whit me. Once time, a doctor tells me that its a neurology issue, but he tell me that, he is not secure of this at all. So, I see that it’s so complex illness. I fell the greatest back pain that I ever know, a pain in the back sector near to neck and shoulders (cervical area), every day for years, and I have the bad luck of get another strange thing: I fell my ears burning, and getting so red, and when I come to sleep, obviously its face to the pillow and automatically begin the real unwanted back pain that don’t let me sleep. That’s mean, that I cant sleep in almost any position, it is horrible…

The only important exam that I took is a magnetic resonance, and it’s OK, I don’t have a tumor. About a year I took another exam to discard a hyper thyroid activity, and yes, its result ok.

Only I know how many adjacent symptoms I’m getting by that illness. The most important are:

Insomnia, back pain, heat intolerance, heat and red color in my face, ears and neck, a little tiredness, underweight state, haggard and drained look (I think because the everyday Burning felling, back pain and bad sleeping) and suicide feelings (because the persistent symptoms, especially the awesome back pain).

All this make me to leave the university, loose friends, loose love opportunities, job and study chances. And I say that all of this is so hard that I’m feeling loose my entirely life… I repeat, the burning feeling is son Bad, and the back pain is so Hard. About this last I’ve tried aspirins, ibuprofen, naproxen, diclofenac, methocarbamol and acetaminophen, but don’t work.

I know that is not easy to tell me by this way what is happing to me. I’m open for ANY, ANY kind of answers, comments. So I have this idea: Anybody that read this can suppose that his or herself have the same condition that me and, the question would be: What to do? What can be the first step? What exams need to take?
Anybody had or have some similar that me? And what they do?

I have waiting some time before post it, so I see that it is the day. I can see that it may be one of the last things that I will try. I just don’t want to fell that symptoms one more time, because in the last months I’m really seeing the sequels of feeling that symptoms all the time. So… please help me, help me.



Sorry for the large of this message, and sorry for my English.