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I had an MRI scan done 2 weeks ago on my back and have just got a report. I have been referred to a consultant neurosurgeon.

It takes me 30mins each morning to be able to walk/get mobile.
I can only walk for 5 mins at a time, before the severe pain kicks in.
I have back pain, radiating down my left leg.
sitting down and leaning forward reduces the pain quite a lot.
I am on 8 paracetamol/codeine and 3 diclofenac tablets a day.
I had a laminectomy 20 months ago which seemed to work for 12 months.

This is the report...

Disc fragment in the central and left para-central location, which may represent disc extrusion causing compression of the nerve roots on the left side, but fibrosis or scarring after surgery at this level cannot be excluded. Also at the L5/S1 level there is left para-central and foraminal broad based protrusion causing compression of the episi-lateral nerve roots and the thecal sac.

Can anyone explain this in ENGLISH and if possible, direct me to a diagram where I can see what these bits are ?