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I injured my back in 2001 lifting a pool table, I lost all power to my legs and had horrendous muscles spasms. I was admitted to hospital, pumped full of morphine and sent home due to lack of beds. A spine x-ray showed nothing and then fractur clinic doctor informed me that I had ruptured my lower back muscles and should rest for 8 weeks.

Since then my back has gone every 2-3 months and can lay me up for 2-6 weeks. When the back goes I can not put any weight on my legs at all, I can bearly crawl on my hands and knees! The doctor prescribes me Diclofenac, Diazepam, Tramadol and Pethidine. None of these seem to take the pain away. Recently the Doctor finally sent me for an MRI after years of me pestering. I've now been referred to a surgeon, but have to wait almost 9 months. The results of the MRI are below and I would be greatful if someone could shed some light on what it all means.


Standard protocol for lumbar spine was done.

FINDINGS: At the level D12/L1 there is sever disc space narrowing and dehydration associated with circumferential, minimally right sided osteodiscal bar arising from the lower surface of D12 vertebral body with subsequent anterior CSF space obscuring and minimal indentation to the distal part of the dorsal spinal cord. The D12 vertebral body appears minimally wedged, maybe there is some history of trauma in the past? At hte level L4/L5 and L5/S1 there is again disc dehydration associated with circumferential and slightly right sides minor disc bulging. The left side neural foraminae at these two levels appears slightly narrowed, however without marked exiting nerve root impingement. The remaining lumbar spine levels do not show any abnormality. No defined central canal stenosis or dic herniation present.

COMMENTS: At the level D12/L1 there is an osteodiscal bar minimally indenting the distal part of the thoracic spinal cord and flattening anterior CSF space. In the lower part of the lumbar spine marked and not adequate for patient age degenerative changes are present:confused:

Any help would be appreciated, I'm only 32 and feel at this rate like I'm going to be crippled!