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[SIZE="2"]Many, many thanks to everyone that has posted and wished me well.

Things have gone a little down hill over the last week or so.....

I did manage to arrange for an appointment through my Doctor to see a Specialist (which is on the 3rd of August - not long), and I will be praying to him that I need a MRI scan ASAP.

However, I initially went to the hospital as the pain was getting out of control. They couldn't really do anything except give me stronger pain killers.
They decided upon Tramadol along with Diclofenac - I had been on co-dydramol.
I started taking the Tramadol last Monday (23rd July). On Thursday I felt unwell and eventually on Saturday evening I was extremely bad with sickness and diarrhea. I didn't have any energy left on Sunday (thought I was going to faint) and ended up in hospital again.
This time they gave me a "shot" and told me to "get on my way" and to see my Doctor the following day.
The Doctor said I had a really bad reaction to the Tramadol and also stated that Tramadol is one of the most well known tablets for giving people bad reactions!
I've now got my energy levels back to a reasonable level and have now started to look at getting my back problem resolved privately.

I'm a self employed taxi driver and finding it extremely difficult to make ends meet - wife and 2 kids, mortgage etc.
I can't afford to have time off work and honestly believe if I go through the Uk NHS, I'll be waiting around 3-6 months for an operation. I just can't wait that long. However, I won't know this until next week.

If I go privately, I'm sure I'll have the scan, operation and be back to work within 2 months. I understand you need to rest for 3 weeks after op's.
What I would like to know is, can someone give me a little information regarding "Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery".
A couple of websites I've found are:
[url]http://www.spinal-foundation.org/[/url] and
The second one is very good as it gives you graphics of exactly what happens during surgery.

What costs are involved for Herniated Disc removal?
I'm estimating around £5,000.
If the costs are around this price, I may start the ball rolling.....