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Thanks for all of replys.
Sorry for being vague,i have sum 11 years ago had a discetomey(have to bear with me as far as spelling goes)on the lowest part of my back.I have been nigh on pain free for the last 9 years.
Back in November i woke up 1 morning with the familar pain of siatica back in my left leg.It has gradually got worse from then,ive have had and MRI scan and results show that another disk the 1 above 1 already operated on has slipped(thats all what i was told,slipped disk!!!Im in England dealing with NHS!)But unfortunatley i didnt have an injection that i should of had to show up previous scar tissue,so i am now waiting for results of another MRI scan.
The numbness however,last tuesday i forgot that its not a good idea to sneeze and sneezed at full speed as such and boy did i regret it,i was screaming in pain for a least 40 mins.cut a long story short i was prescribed Diclofenac 1 tab 3 times aday and Remedeine 2 tabs up to 4 times aday as and when needed.
I dont like taking pain killers as you could be doing yourself more harm if you cant feel it!So i took the Diclofenac for 2 days and only 4 tabs of the Remedeine.Woke up on Friday morning and my leg was numb(well most of it,not the calf)Stopped the pain killers straight away but still numb.
When i previously had problems i had loads of pain but never any numbness but always tried to keep active,was just a bit concerned that if you get numbess what the right thing to do is keep active or rest as much as possible?

Could you describe the feelings of numbness? If you develop any bowel or bladder problems, you need to call your doctor immediately. This might be a sign of cauda equina and you need to be seen right away or you could end up with permanent damage and/or problems.

If the numbness is like pins and needles, like when a limb "falls asleep," it is OK to go about your activities as you can. If the leg is truly numb and has no feeling, you will need to be careful as the danger of falling is high. You won't really be able to tell how you're putting your foot down, etc. You won't damage anything by exercising, etc., you just won't have very good balance, etc.

Diclofenac isn't really a pain killer. It is an anti-inflammatory and is prescribed commonly for arthritic pain, or to help keep inflammation down. So you should keep taking it. Your doc is hoping it will cause the inflammed tissue to go back down and thus, take pressure off of the nerve root.

In the meantime, do NO lifting, twisting and do not lean forward or especially, back as in extension. This will pinch the nerve even more. Try icing for 20 minutes at a time. Taking the diclofenac is probably the most important thing you can do. Activity level is less important. Lying down is better than sitting or standing though, as you can unload the discs (gravity....) If you can, you could try lying down about 10 minutes every hour. You're trying to give the area a chance to decompress and move off that nerve root.
Im ok then as leg just feels like it asleep,when you say bowel,bladder problems do u just mean not being able to go?
As for the icing do u mean to hold on my numb leg,sorry im a bit thick!
Ive just taken the Diclofenac as u sound very knowledgable and very nice to share your knowledge to,thank you.