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Thank you all so much for your help!

Sorry I forgot to finish my sentence in my initial post regarding the patch- it is called Flector, which is diclofenac epolamine (whatever that may be). I've been using it, have no idea if it helps or not.

Cmpgrl, thanks for your input. I do feel like the doc just made this diagnosis because he had no idea what is going on with me. After reading a lot about it online, it seems like I MAY have that, or may not. What does seem strange to me is that I supposedly have pain issues that are muscular, from a car accident? Just doesn't seem to make sense to me, but I'm not a doctor. Either way it would be great to have a doc that actually seemed like they wanted to really figure things out. I felt like he was rushed, polite and trying to be informative, but didn't want to stick around long enough to really talk about some solutions.

I don't see meds as a solution, rather a coping mechanism. I will be starting PT this week, very light and therapeutic at first. Hopefully that will really help. When I think about it though, this PM doc probably did start me off right with the Ultram, patch, and PT. Given that his diagnosis is quite "broad", meaning that he can't conclusively through tests find out what's going on (yet), I can't blame him for not giving me anything stronger. And who knows, maybe by the time I see him I may not need anything stronger.

The Ultram definately does make a difference, as yesterday I went most of the day without taking anything just to see how it was working. I would say that with the ER and IR combo, it keeps me at between 4 and 6, which is good of course. Without it it can be anywhere from 5-9. I generally have limited my physical activity, but I refuse to just let it stop me from doing things I love, like going fishing, and playing with my daughter. Then again it's hard for me to even put numbers on pain. After all, I've never had any major trauma, so what do I compare to??? So far I have had x-rays and an MRI, with nothing to show for it.

friendly-one, thanks for your input! I agree with what you say about trying anything. I did make it clear to the doc that I'm willing to try just about anything he recommends, as he is the doc. The one thing that I am uncomfortable with is that he really seems to be pushing for injections, as he said next visit we should try them. He works in a spine and pain center with several locations, and many doctors. I read some reviews of this place and some of their doctors on REMOVED, and it seems like they have a reputation for being all about injections of different kinds. Again, I will try them if necessary, but I really want a doc who is open to all different kinds of pain management. Maybe this doc is like that, who knows, I will just have to be patient.

After reading everyone's advice here, and reading A LOT of threads on this board, I have come to the conclusion that I will just have to be patient. I am not a patient person by nature, but I will learn. So far I'm doing OK, I will continue with this regimen and see where it leads me.

Also, after reading so much on this board, I realize that my issues pale in comparison to some others here. This helps me to realize that I don't have it all that bad, and it could always be much worse.

I hope you all are doing well, thanks!