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I didn't take Actonel but Fosamax gave me a fit with my GERD. After a month I couldn't take it anymore and my rheumatologist switched me to Didronel cycles for my osteo. It sounds like your doc needs to switch your osteo drug or you need something stronger for your GERD other than Pepcid. If you still have the problems after medicine changes then further evaluation needs to occur.

Hi Shandi,

Can you tell me about didronel and how you are doing on it?

My doctor wants to put me on a medicine called Forteo for the osteo. It is given in a daily injection.

I also have a problem with the PPI's for the Gerd and can only use Pepcid or Zantac which don't really help much. I seem to be "between a rock and a hard place" which I"m sure a lot of us with Gerd and other medical problems have to put up with.

Thanks for letting me rant, it makes it a little better.