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a recent report on a reputable current affairs programme featured bisphosphonates - fosamax, actonel. didronel, zometa & their generic versions
as having the side effect of osteonecrosis of the jaw which is literally death of the jawbone...typically when teeth are removed, infection can enter the exposed wound killing the bone & causing it to start rotting, the condition is progressive, the condition incurable ....drug companys know this to be a side effect of bisphosphonates yet their consumer information only vaguely hints of possible jaw problems with delayed healing & infection.... and still doctors prescribe these drugs without clear warning , not only that but our previous prime minister announced a year ago that fosamax had been put on PBS so elderly people in nursing homes can afford it...after the TGA issued a directive for warnings of the risk of osteonecrosis to be made clearer for patients taking bisphosphonates......too little too late for those of us who have been on bisphosphonates....