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well, let me start off my saying that different people yield different results. from my personal experience, retin-a micro ruined my skin. i used it for a little over 11 weeks and i went through the purging and such and it was bad but after 8 weeks it got better and better. however, my skin started to react to it strangely after week 11 and i got really irritated, eczema like bumps all over. i switched to retin-a micro 0.04% (i used the 0.1% before) but it did no difference. no my skin texture is a mess and it's also overly sensitive, i never had sensitive skin before. i stopped ram, still looking for something else to use. it was clearing my skin and i was happy but then it turned sour and i became so pissed off.. why did all of a sudden irritation occur?

but anyways i think you should give it a try.. wait it out atleast 12 weeks. for me, i didn't like how red it made me.. again, i never had problems with skin sensitivity but ram sure changed that.

ps. differin stopped working for you? isn't retin-a micro and differin a lot alike. i mean differin is just a little weaker than ram.. what did the differin do to your skin?