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Just to update, the only AHA product I could find here in Cayman is Neutrogena Healthy Skin AHA SPF15, so I've been using that in the morning, and washing with Olay Regenerist face wash at morning and night, and nothing else. So far so good - no new spots since I stopped the Proactive and started this routine - amazing considering this was the week before my period, usually the worst time. Might be speaking too soon though...!

But for now, so far so good, I've read good things about the Olay Regenerist line, and AHAs - any recommendations? It just feels nice to be using products designed for my age (32) rather than teenagers!

My skin had irritation reaction at all to the AHA - I guess it must be so desensitized due to all these months of Duac and Differin, and then Proactive! And I actually have sensitive skin - can't wear zinc oxide or bismuth oxychloride.