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I've been an acne sufferer for about 2 or 3 years now. Mostly I just resorted to washing my face with mild soap and using Clearasil. That treatment did virtually nothing, so I decided to see a dermatologist. He prescribed me to 3 things, minocycline, Differin gel (to use at night), and Klaron lotion (to use in the morning). I used these three regularly for a period of about two weeks, but they seem to not clear anything up as much as they just reduce redness of the zits.

Am I doing something wrong?
Most acne treatments take some time to show results, usually its recommended to stick with a regimen for a few months at least before deciding if it works. Minocycline is an antibiotic and also has anti inflamatory properties which might explain the reduction in redness. Differin helps normalize the shedding of skin cells I believe. I used to use retin-A which is similar, it seemed to work more as a preventative rather than getting rid of existing acne. In fact they are supposed to bring everything to the surface first which can even make acne look worse before getting better. Overall that type of treatment didn't work for me but everyone is different. I'm not quite sure what Klaron lotion is. But anyway good luck I'd stick with these for awhile longer before determining whether they work or not.