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I went to my dermatologist today. He rated my acne on a scale of 1 to 8 as 1.5 (mild acne). He prescribed me some Minomycin 50gm and Differin Cream 30gm.

Apart from this mild acne, I have had pimples come and go over the past few years and I used to pop the pimples. I have some scars from some pimples that I've popped from a couple years back and the scars are visible. I don't have oily skin. I am concerned that I will get some more scarring after my face clears up and if i were to get some scarring, would it non-surgically be possible to get rid of these scars so that they don't look noticeable (ie to a degree in which you cannot tell by looking at my face that I've had scars on the face before)?