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Hi, I have a few questions. I have been using Differin gel for my acne for the past 2 or more years. Just a few days ago i went to get a refill and my doctor didn't approve it because i have to go in again next month and get a re-check up. I am totally out of Differin and oddly enough i have gotten a few more pimples around my face, more than normal. I am afraid to not use anything until my next appointment so I am going to buy just a regular acne cream.. it's been so long I dont know what one to get!

I'm sure they are mostly the same but i please need some input on which ones work best..also should i use it in the morning and night or what?

Also, i was wondering if by using Differin for so long would a person ever get immune to it?

I have been using Differin pretty continuously, i've missed a few days here and there and maybe a week or so at a time but not for a long period at a time. So i am just worried it'll come back!

Thanks in advance!!!
Yeah! I use the cetaphil cleanser wash thing that is gentle on the skin. I use it before I put on my differin and in the morning. I will have to call the pharmacy and ask..and if they can't give me any answers?..
Any answer on the if a person wcould become immune to Differin (or any acne medicine for that matter) if they have used it for awhile or anything?