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I've had adult acne for 3 years (I'm 32), and for the last month, I haven't had any new spots, and my skin is so much better and less oily. Here's what I've been doing for the last month:

omega 3 fish oil from GNC (2 tablets daily)
saw palmetto (1 tablet daily)
GNC women's ultra mega (2 tablets daily)
the above tablets I take with a ton of water (they are big!), which I'm sure helps too

wash face every morning & evening with Olay Regenerist face wash
apply Neutrogena facial moisturizer with AHA & SPF 15 each morning
use Everyday Minerals some days as make up
apply nothing at night after face wash

My skin is the best its looked for months, the problem I have now is the deep red marks from old acne. I think they are fading a little, but its hard to tell. Was thinking of trying the Olay microdermabrasion? I know my skin is better - looks better, feels better, better texture, no more oiliness, no more spots - but because of the red marks it doesn't look much better to anyone else :(

In the past I've tried Duac & Differin, Yasmin, various OTC topicals and Proactive (3 -4 months of trying each thing), none of which really helped. I felt my skin needed a break, especially since I read BP ages your skin, and at my age I wanted to use products meant for older skin, and not teenage products.

My skin really does feel better now, and no new spots since I've started this regimen! Not sure which thing is making a difference, but I do love the Olay Regenerist wash.

I was about to go on Spiro but just cancelled my appt with the derm... hope I won't be making it again next month!!

Hope this helps someone else!
I don't visit this board much anymore because I "cured" my acne. Well you really can't cure it you just manage it. I went to the derm. and was prescribed doxycycline, yasmin, Klaron (topical antibiotic), and Differin. I used them religously like he said and going on 3 years now without acne. I do get one or two pimples every once in a while like everyone else but hardly ever. I exercise 5-6 days a week and I run so I sweat alot which is good for the skin. My advice is get a good dermatologist and follow their instructions. But you have to give treatment time to work. At least 2-3 months for most acne treatments. Hope I helped! :)