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[QUOTE=jen52983;3058275]I don't know what happened?!?! All of a sudden.. massive outbreak!

Since last week my skin has gone on a rampage and I cant figure out why. I've never had terrible skin, never great either.. but never as bad it is now... at least not since I was 13!! (now 24) So I'm gonna talk about things I've done and tried in the past 2 months and maybe someone can enlighten me on if they triggered this attack,... and if I'm lucky, maybe someone will have some helpful suggestions!

I only ever really get pimples during "that time of the month" and even then its about 3-5 little ones. I was on Yasmin for 9 mths and it really cleared my skin up. I stopped the bill for certain reasons. I was paranoid that once stopping, acne would hit me 3 times worse than before taking the BC. Maybe that's what's happened. (I stopped in April)

So.. b/c of my paranoia I've been using 4 different face washes. The first is Clean & Clear's warning deep pore cleanser, then I use one poster's "cure"- Herbal Essence's shampoo (yes on my face!), then Clean & Clear's daily pore cleanser. And finally Biore's pore cleanser. I wash my face in the morning with only one of the four.. then with all four at night! Maybe I'm over-washing... is that possible!?!?

After browsing through the boards I saw people raving about Fish oil pills. So I picked up a bottle of those about 3-4 weeks ago. I've been taking 2 pills each morning, for the past 3 weeks, minus 5 days that I was on my period. (B/c it thins the blood, it was suggested not to take them while menstrating!) I remember reading on that board that some people seemed to have an outbreak before their skin actually got better. Maybe that's what's happened to my face?!?!

Summer season does tend to make my skin a bit more oily.. so maybe I'm breaking out b/c of that.. despite my excessive face washing! Maybe all the products are actually clogging my skin?? That's a long shot.

I don't really feel stressed. I know stress can cause break outs.. but I also know that people can be stressed and not even know it. I am moving at the end of summer and I hate my job. Even though my job bores me to death and its relatively stress-free..maybe hating it in general is stressing me and i dont even realize it!

I'm kinda freaking out b/c like i said, it's worse than ever! And its just a huge downer.. makes me some much more self-conscious.

All suggestions and words of encouragement are greatly appreciate!!

Take care and thanks for reading my rant!! :)
It sounds like you are drying the top layer of your skin from different products. Overuse can actually make your acne worse. There is a product sold by prescription called Differin. The cream is less drying than the gel. I have found this product to work very well. It is expensive but most doctors have plenty of samples for you to try. I hope this helps.