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Thank you for your reply. My skin is doing better than last week...i've only been on yasmin for almost 3 weeks so i don't really see any change- i think that i need to give it a little bit longer to work. Thanks for the other suggestions about the tetracyclin...i'm actually applying 2 creams on my face also. Differin at night and duac in the morning- it is making my skin very dry but it is getting smoother. i also have a lot of scarring that i hope will start to fade but who can tell anymore. i'm really trying to stay positive but it is so hard when i look in the mirror in the morning. anyways i just wanted to thank you for your post- i really appreciate it. i hope that everything is going well n keep your success (or not....knock on wood) posted n i'll try 2 do the same.
-thanks, ordinary