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Hi. I had the worst break out in my life a few months back. I was willing to take accutane because I was really frustrated. I was getting new pimples everyday,they're big and cystic and they covered my entire chin, my forehead and the sides of my face close to my ears. But my dermatologist didn't recommend accutane because my husband and I were planning to have a baby soon. So he prescribed me the safest one I could take. It was Bactrim DS, twice a day and then the topicals Differin 0.3% gel in the morning and Benzaclin at night. After about 4 weeks, I stopped getting new pimples and the pimples on my face just flattened out. I was so happy. I took Bactrim DS for 2 months, that's it and just continued the topicals because they really controlled the oil on my face. Some of the dark spots that got left on my skin I took care with microdermabrasion. Now I'm really happy. Maybe this will work for you. It's not expensive and they'recovered by insurance.