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Your doctor will probably prescribe you with Differin or Eryacne. If not then you should ask about them, i found the latter to be extremely good.
i have differin, but that is just to tackle blackheads i thought?

that is what my derm said anyway.

the fact that she said the effects are unnoticable (meaning it works, but you won't notice it because it's so gradual and doesn't really do much?) means i still have a full tube of it.
I think with Eryacne you'll notice a difference, plus it's a little bit more abrasive than differin, which means you should probably use moisturiser with a combined sunblock. Yeah Differin was what i used when i was younger, i found it kind of helped but that my body got used to it? After trying heaps of things i went onto Roacutane, that was about 4 years ago. My skin isn't perfect, but i find drinking heaps of water, exposure to sun, exfoliation, and washing myself with more gentle soaps (like the BodyShop TeaTree Oil) really helps. I think mine is more hormonal now than anything, which means for me that there's not a lot that can be done. Other than the pill, which makes me gain weight, and i also don't trust the long term effects of it.