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does minocyclen and differin gel work really good to help clear acne?
Every person responds to products differently.

You may be one of the blessed who sees great results with the antibiotic and Differin, or your acne might be more stubborn. The only real way to find out how it will work for you is to try it and see what happens.

If those two don't work, the next step is probably Accutane (depending, of course, on what you have already tried)...and any responsible dermatologist won't prescribe something that hard core until they see you have exhausted all other possibilities.

Good Luck!
Differin didn't do anything for me. All it did was make my face red. I haven't ever tried the other.
I was on Minocycline for 4 months, 200 mg a day. For topical I use Differin during the day and Clindoxyl Gel at night. I've been off the Mino for 6 months now but continue to use my topicals every day. I'm been clear for 7 months....not evreyone will have my results...had cystic ance on the right side of my chin....came out of nowhere...I'm 34 yrs old so it kinda threw me for loop....results on this combination worked wonderfully for me.
Good Luck