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I'm currently on prescriptions Benzoyl Peroxide Wash 5% and Differin Gel .03%. I've been on it for 2 weeks now and my acne has gotten much worse. I've heard it will get worse before it gets better. Has anyone been on this combination? How long did it take to see any results? Did it stay clear once it got clear? Do you have to stay on this combination for life? Any information is appreciated!
Hello, I stared using differin gel at the end of September, and it has worked wonders for me. At first my acne did get worse but after about a month my face had totally cleared. I find that it dries my face out a little bit so I always use lotion over the differin at night before I go to bed. Just give it some time...
With differin, it will get worse at first which is discouraging but it will get better. give it a month and you will see improvement.
yess, differin gets your face worst before it gets better, just hold on to it!!
Thanks guys! Good to know... I'm getting nervous b/c it's so much worse than it was before I started it.
Do you apply the Differin to your entire face or only to the affected areas? I've only been applying it to the affected area which is my jawline. I do have a few on my forehead but I'm afraid to apply to my entire face considering how bad it gets but is that what I'm supposed to do?
Been using Carlys Clear & Smooth in the morning.Use Carlys at night then apply differin afterwards.Been workin pretty well for me.I get maybe 1 pimple every couple months,and not the monster kind.When i do get a pimple its there for maybe 2 to 3 days,then it clears up and goes away.Take care.:)
Ps.i only had chin acne so i only applied differin on the areas affected.Take care.:)