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I am trying to dry out a spot quickly on my chin, is it okay to apply differin with a mask over it or just apply the mask without differin? I am assuming it will be overmedicated if I do both at once. If someone could clarify this that would be great! Thanks!
Hi, I'm fairly new to Differin; I've only been on it for a couple weeks now but I use a clay mask called Queen Helene. I apply the Differin and wait a couple mins and then spot apply the mask to any blemishes in hopes they clear up faster. So far it's worked for me.
How long have you been on Differin? I started to spot apply the mask b/c my face is much worse since I started the Differin. I heard this is normal and I should start to see relief in about a month. Was this true for you?
Okay well that sounds good to me. I have been on differin with a combo of finacea and minocycline for about 10 weeks on Saturday. I am finally starting to see results with fewer pimples each week so its working but slowly! Your face will look worse before it gets better! It takes 6 weeks for new pimples to form so thats why in some cases it takes up to 12 weeks to really see the results that you want, but differin really does bring everything to the surface and in the end you will be happy because its getting rid of pimples that you may have had to deal with later on! Thanks for the advice!
Ok, guess I have several more weeks to go... but good to know it does help!
Do apply Differin to your entire face or only the affected areas? I've only been applying it to my jawline where I have pimples but should I be applying it to my entire face? Thanks!