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Well I tried Differin, Minocycline for 14 weeks now and I think I am finally throwing the towel in on these two products. My acne has defintely improved but not enough to the point where I feel completely satisfied. I still have to wear make up and I don't think that is cool after 14 weeks of using a product! I even went to two dermatologists and they were not helpful by any means so if you really have an acne problem just stick with what you know works for you and don't be afraid to try new things but just know that they may not work and do your research first! if you see a dermatologist make sure its someone who you are comfortable with and really is concerned about your needs and concerns!!
I am pretty sure that this regimen has worked for some people but I would not recommend it since I am still trying to clear my skin and most of it has but now I have red spots everywhere that make it look worse then it really is! Hopefully the next time I post I will have some positive news!
Thanks all for listening!