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I'm thirty years old now and I've never really had problems with acne. In high school I had some minor issues but it all faded away as I got older.

Right before I hit 29 I got a severe outbreak of acne all over my forehead. It was like a sudden explosion of acne. I tried several different treatment methods to no avail.

Months later the acne on my forehead seemed to recede a bit, only to have the outbreaks come down on my cheeks and the rest of my face. It got so out of hand that every morning I would see new pus filled pimples all over.

I finally went to see a dermatologist and he prescribed Doryx (pill), Differin (cream) and Duac (cream).

I apply a thin coat of Duac in the morning and I take one Doryx. In the evenings I apply a thin coat of Differin and take another Doryx.

The Doryz has helped immensely with controlling the oily skin and I no longer have any outbreaks but the redmarks appear to be here to stay.

Has anyone had a similar situation? If so, how did you handle it? And is there anything I can do for the red marks all over my face?

Also, anyone else taking similar medications?

They become even more apparent in photos and my wedding is about 5 and a half months away so I'm hoping I dont look like this for all the photos.

Thanks in advance.