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You may be overly medicating your face. Make sure you wash your face only twice a day. I even sometimes don't wash my face at night. Proactive may be too harsh for your skin. I know I tried it for 2 months and all it did was make my face very red and irritated. I would try just washing your face twice a day with a gentle cleanser such as Aveeno, dove or neutrogena, or even clean & clear. I know clean & clear acne control cleanser works great.

Also- try to make sure you are toning and moisturizing your face. That is important even if you have oily skin. It took a lot of people telling me that over and over until I actually did it! I also do a mask once or twice a week which also helps keep the breakouts to a minium. I have done all of these things and I have no new pimples just a lot of marks to get rid of. I hope this helps- I found out that when I tried differin with minocycline- I was getting overloaded with medication and it was not helping just making it worse. So now my skin is clearer and keeps getting better each week.