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I was given these two treatments also, last week or so. I have been using once before bed and once in the morning. Hasn't really gotten worse or anything, I still get a pimple or two a week, other than that I haven't broke out from this product. Although I am also on Diane-35 for acne. (Which was already working very well before I also got put on the differin). So that could be the difference, sorry I couldn't be of more help.
I was prescribed Differins for the first time around 2001. After reading up about it and seeing that there was chance for acne to get worse before better, I became apprehensive about using it and therefore, did not. Then, many years later, I found myself back in the derms office, utterly frustrated with my skin. She ended up prescribing me Differins Cream. With reluctance, I decided to try it. I was relieved to find it did not make my skin worse, from an acne standpoint, my skin did become a bit more sensitive, however. After years of using it, I'm regretful I didn't start sooner.

So, although I was not in the same boat as you in terms of my acne having gotten worse with use, I can say that with much experience (and research; I'm 29 now), that you should do whatever it takes to remain patient with the Differin. If you read the leaflet that comes with it, it can take a few months before there's noteable improvement. I know this sounds discouraging, but your choices are to not use it and have acne or to use it and have acne with the possibility of controlling it and seeing yourself 3 months from now with much better skin.

Also, I would recommend using it once per day; at night time. Retinoids make skin photosensitive, so using it during the day when you will get sun exposure- whether direct or indirect, will only increase chances of irritating your skin. Using it at nighttime alone, however, does not mean you are OK to be in the sun the next day; you're still photosensitive, just less so. So use it once a day at night and only wash your face with a really gentle cleanser, like cetaphil, and apply a sunscreen/block! This is a good idea whether on Differins or not. :)

Lastly, with all of my research, acne is in part difficult to control because everyone is different and different bodies/chemistries respond differently to different forms of treatment. So unfortunately, treating acne can be a bit of trial and error, but it is important to give treatments a fair shake and not be shy about talking to dermatologist- bug them, they're paid a lot :)

Good luck!
How are you doing now that it's been a month?

I was prescribed Differin (at night) + Clindamycin (morning) recently (two days ago in fact) and I'm wondering how it'll be. I figure the Differin is for all over, however I don't know where I should apply the Clindamycin.
Well after exactly a month I switched from those two topicals to Accutane.. I just got so fed up with my skin, but now I'm experiencing an initial breakout on the accutane, which is a lot worse than what I was experiencing before. Oh man, I kind of wish I would have been patient with Differin and Clindamycin, but Accutane seems a bit more promising for me. Good luck with them though.. That combination seems to work for a lot of people, I just got impatient with the initial breakout. Gah it's always so confusing though...
Oh and I applied the Clindamycin all over as well as the differin, but I noticed that it was more drying so you may want to just put it in the areas you breakout mostly.
About a yr ago my derm prescribed doxy, clinda and differin.I was on the differin for awhile but it didnt seem to be working.So the derm switched me over to retin a micro.It seemed like a dream come true,cleared my skin up beautifully.Then about a yr into the treatment,the retin a micro started to make my skin burn and peel.It got so bad i had to stop it.So i returned to differin again not expecting much.This time i gave it more time to work.Its been over a yr now,i only get 1 or 2 pimples a month,and when i do they clear up pretty fast.Im glad i gave differin another chance.Be patient,give it at least 4 months before you move onto something else.In my early 20s i had cystic acne.I was on accutane for an extended period of time.Kept me clear for years,but then i started breaking out periodcally.So i couldnt take it anymore ,went back to derm he put me on doxy clinda and differin.Been on it ever since.I mustve been one of the lucky ones not to have much of a initial breakout.Take care.:wave: