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I'm in my third month of Differin gel and I have finally stopped breaking out like crazy but now I have tons of acne marks/scars on my face. I have heard that rubbing a lemon on your face can help clear up the marks - anyone else hear of this and have tried it? Does anyone have any remedies or gels/creams that have worked for them in erasing these marks? Thanks!
I've been using Differin for a few months as well and have some annoying scars... I tried the aspirin mask with honey and it works great as a scrub to give my face a nice glow and gets rid of the dull dead skin, which will eventually remove the scars while making your skin look really fresh. Just make sure you follow with a moisturizer. For a spot treatment, definitely try Aveeno's clear complexion correcting treatment, (it says it's clinically proven to visibly reduce blemish marks) and has helped for me and feels really nice. I haven't used the lemon juice but it sounds like something I might give a try too.
Thanks for the info. What is the aspirin mask with honey; do you buy it at a store or do you make it?
Do you still apply the Differin? Even though you don't break out as much anymore or have you stopped? I'm not sure if I should keep applying it or not?
The aspirin mask you make yourself... it's so cheap which makes it even more great. Just buy a bottle of asprin, (they say to use uncoated but I bought coated Target brand for like 3 bucks and it works fine). Put a tiny bit of water on about 4 aspirin and they'll start to dissolve, then mix with some honey. I was kind of weirded out by honey but it's been used for hundreds of years and has antibacterial/healing qualities to it. After you wash up with warm water to open up your pores, put and leave mixture on for 15 mins or so, then use as a scrub as you wash off. Use around 3 times a week. I still use the Differin, I'm affraid once I stop I'll start breaking out again. I think it's better to stick to the routine. And using the Differin right after the scrub didn't hurt my skin.