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does anyone know where to get the cheapest deal on differin gel online?
preferably in the largest quantity possible....is it 15 g or 45 g?
i've been hearing alot of both but cant figure it out

also does anyone reccomend a good internal antibiotic to use with it?
i used to take solodyn but cant find it online....i need something i can buy online for a reasonable price as I have no insurance at the moment :(

i'd really appreciate any help at all

I dont think we're allowed to mention websites on here.Just look for it in a search engine.As for a oral antibiotic ive been on doxycycline for about 9 months now.I use differin at night,and wash my face with carleys clear and smooth in the morning.My face is totally clear for now,has been for about 2 months.Any stray pimples that might pop up i zap with my thermaclear device.At one time i used to get those big pimples that form under the skin but never come to a head.Since using the differn gel and doxy ,i might get a small pimple once or twice every couple months.Hope this helps.Good luck ,God bless.:)