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Sorry I missed your message!! But I don't miss a day on the boards mostly Bowel Boards.
Alot of people that have chronic sinusitis end up with having polys removed from their sinus cavity. It is generally the thing that causes them to get a fungal infection. I have personally found that my ENT doctors(2) did not even consider a fungal problem and were not familiar with the work that was done at the Mayo Clinic.

I got My internist to give me Diflucan -- 10 days worth @100mgs daily( only 150mgs will cure a vaginal yeast infection) and another Doctor to give me a nasal spray that contains Nystatin and a little Grapefruit seed extract. This Doc said he has been using the Spray since he read the report 4 years ago. It basically solved my problem.

I use Garlinase by Enzymatic Therapy daily and have for years but it does not seem to work as a fungal killing agent in the nasal areas. It is probably the best on the market if you don't won't to use fresh garlic. The Medical Group that did the research at Mayo found there were 40 different strains of fungi in 200 or so patients with chronic sinusitis -- 96 % had a Fungal problem -- almost 3 different strains per person. I listed the Mayo Clinic web site in my other post. It was an 8 page article done in 1999 but they never told you what to do for the problem.

God Bless---Harry

PS rhody-- I might add that my wife of many years has never eaten a piece of pizza or a Hamburger in her entire life. You can't talk about health and pizza in the same sentence--although I eat it ---LOL
hi harry, I must have been posting at the same time as you. thank-you so much for the reply. I will ask my doctor for the meds you mentioned as well as get myself the garlic. You have helped me in the past w/ my ibs. I picked up some of the products and have felt better.
I just hope I can get my PC to give me the diflucan, he may make me wait till i see my 3d ent, but thats not till after xmas. Is diflucan that one time pill for yeast? it sounds so familiar to me.
I can't believe I've been this sick for 9 months, went through sinus surgery, all those antibiotics and thrushand still sick...
all this mucus and pressure is killing me.
thank-you again
one more question harry, if diflucan is for yeast how did it help w/ fungal sinusitus?
Betty -- there are over 400 different strains of fungi that have been identified in the Gastrointestinal tract. Candida albicans is only one that we refer to as yeast but all have names.

Also- I don't think candida was the major one identfied in the Mayo article.

Diflucan is a very powerful antifungal medication and is expensive.

Additional info---
I found the link to the Mayo work just click on:


this is a Summary -- it's worth while reading the entire article!!
liz, you said the diflucan made you feel worse, in what way? were you on it for fungal sinusitus?

harry, I just ordered the garlinase 4000 by enzymatic. along w/ a new supply of dgl. I found great prices online. I could kick myself, I spent so much at a local store last time for it.
thank you both.

p.s. should the garlinase be something I continue to take,or just till i feel better?
Diflucan is a powerful antifungal drug--and I guess that includes yeasts such as candida-- that feed on sugar. If the acid/ alkaline balance(pH) in the body is upset for any reason the friendly bacteria such as lactobacilli that normally metabolize sugar cannot thrive to do what they are suppose to do and it presents a risk of yeast that flourishes in the sugar rich environment. A depressed immune system can lead to yeast infections. There is a alot of controversy as to whether yeast/ candida in the body exist as a cause or result of an immune problem??? Who knows-- you can't test for it??

I have found that yeast mutates very readily and some anti fungal drugs or remedies like garlic may not work as well as they use to and you have to rotate anti fungal remedies even Diflucan and Nystatin.

Betty -- I take Garlinase because it does more than act as yeast killer-- it lowers blood pressure, dilates blood vessels. It acts like a blood thinner by causing the platlets not to stick together. It is a potent immune system booster, natural antibiotic, aids digestion, lowers cholestrol and it's useful for many illnesses and I think it may abort some--- as an antioxidant.

I take it daily because it's a healthy thing to do!!!.

God Bless---Harry
I will contimue to take the garlic, I didn't know how helpful it is.
I saw my dr. yesterday and he gave me 150mgs of diflucan,7 days worth. when I went to pick them up the pharmacist asked if there was a mistake. she knew it was a 1 time pill and said she didn't think it was safe to take everyday for a week. I did take my first one last night,but wish Liz would reply to this thread, would live to know why and in what way it made here worse.
thank-you again for all your help, your very kind.
happy holidays to you and yours,
Usually one dose of 150 mgms of Diflucan cures a female of vaginal yeast infection. The druggist probably rearly sees a person that takes it for a week.

Patients with suppressed immune systems like AIDS get pnuemonia, take alot of antibiotics and have to take Diflucan for the fungus problems. It is a severe problem.

I have had no problem taking Diflucan for 10 days.

I wish you well---Harry

Since you are cured from sinusitis & vaginal yeast infections, it means something cured you. Killing off yeast at a rapid rate produces a reaction called the Herxheimer reaction -- it is sorta like having the Flu. When you do this the dead yeast is absorbed and you really do feel bad. But, with the itching you must have had a reaction to the Diflucan.

Yeast/candida thrive on sugar and you cut out the food supply and re-colonized your gastrointestinal tract with friend flora using yogurt and probiotic supplements. It is the standard treatment to get rid of yeast/ candida overgrowth. And, probably the best way to keep candida/ yeast in control in your body. We all have candida present in our bodies and no body knows what it does or is there a test to see if you have too much -- it's only when it gets out of control that it causes problems -- your symptoms let you know. At any rate I am glad you are better.

If you are interested a very good book about this is "The Yeast Syndrome" by Dr John Trowbridge, MD-- published in 1986.

Diflucan put out by Pfizer is well documented as an anti-fungal drug. I have not seen in any literature where it kills infection germs. I think you Doc is wrong. But, you can be sensitive and have a severe reaction to it as well as any medication.

God Bless---Harry
Gee Liz--That's a very interesting story. It is really a shame that people don't have access to a good Medical practitioner like your Naturopath. I don't and have had to basically become halfway educated and use what I know will work.

Isn't Queenlands in Australia?? If so --- you used a Lab in North Carolina to analize your stool? Are there no Labs where you live that does that type work?? I know the one you mentioned is the best I have heard of but I thought there would others a bit closer to home.

Diflucan like Nystatin certainly has it's place in the arsenal of antifugal drugs when properly used.