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Hi Successtory, :wave:

I hope you had a very merry christmas.
I'm sorry it took me so long to reply, but I had all sorts of other problems, amd other things to take care of.

Things are getting better for me, a little at a time though.

I took the regular dose of the Valerian twice, each time, I was only able to get 2-3 hours of sleep.
Either my body is still so messed up (which it is), or it just isn't working for me.

I'm telling you, the smell is still so very horrendous, I can smell it on my breathe, and in my nose...... of course, only for several hours after I take it. (Not now though)

Just the other day I realized I should have been taking my Xanax to relax, it is great stuff.
I have it prescribed for Anxiety, I am a total worry wart, and I let things bother the hell out of me.
I also had a few very bad years of panic attacks.
I was only using it as needed, like when I get really stressed, and need something to calm me down.
I never even considered taking it for sleep before, due to taking the percocet and ambien, and I knew they couldn't be mixed.

I tried just the Xanax, and guess what ?
I was able to sleep for five hours, plus got in a little cat nap later that day :)
It works so much better for me than the valium ever did.

On a few occaisions, I also had a few beers, which also really helped me sleep about 4-5 hours.

I haven't given up on the Valerian yet, I will let you know when I give it another try, it's just that it smells so bad, I'm not in a big hurry to try again this soon.

I will let the Xanax do the job for now, and when I feel stronger and healthier, I will for sure give the valerian another try, and will let you know.

Right now, I'm still dealing with alot of swelling, from my "camel hump", I have iced it, and used heat, but I can't get the swelling to reduce anymore.
I go for my post op on 12/31, but, I think I'm going to call the doc tomorrow, and see if I should be taking an anti-inflam. med.(maybe he will want to see me sooner).

If I didn't have all of the swelling, I would then probably be able to find a comfortable position, as that hump, is what makes it so hard to sit, or to lay down.
The feeling I have is painful, as well as very tight.

I tried out one of those recliner lift chairs today at a relative's house, and it felt pretty good, so I will be doing a little research on the pricing on the in the morning.
The range I see on the internet, is $400.00 - $1000.00
I will inquire with some of our local stores here.
I can actually see me being able to sleep, read, and watch T.V. from one of those chairs, without much discomfort.
I have tried so many different things, with tons of pillows, and just can't get a comfortable position.
I don't need anything fancy, just something that won't arch my back, and keep me straight.
I also tried my parents Lazyboy recliner today, but that didn't feel so good, it's not an automatic, just one of those that you pull on the handle on the side.

I was hoping to give you some better news on the valerian, but, just because it might not work for me, it very well can, and does work for others.

I hope all is well with you, and I really appreciate your concern and great advice. I will try to start posting more often.
I have so many things to take care of, mainly piles of mail, that grow by the day.

Guess what I got for Christmas this morning ??????
The start of a stinking yeast infection from all of the antibiotics, which is so normal for me.
Like I really need that on top of all the other S*** I have been dealing with.
I will now have to call my OB/GYN doc in the morning, to have him call in a RX for Diflucan, it always works for me, plus you only need to take one pill :)

When is this ever going to end ??????

I hope you are having better luck and less pain than I.

Have a super evening,
Baxter [img]http://www.healthboards.com/ubb/love2.gif[/img]