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Hi Telzey & Successtory, :wave:

I have been out shopping with my son for the better part of today, and let me tell you, I am pooped [img]http://www.healthboards.com/ubb/bang.gif[/img]

It looks a s though things were busy today, so I'm sure I will only get to read some of the postings, I hate when that happens, I like to be up to date :)

I will have to get some rest tonight though, I have my first post-op at 9:00 A.M. in the morning.
Maybe I can get some news on the hematoma.....


Thanks for the shower tip, I will have to try that one.
The bottom is feeling much better today.
I hope your cold gets better soon, I think I'm coming down with Bronchitus, I will ask the doc to check me tomorrow, and get a script if needed. I don't want to be sick over the weekend, plus I don't need another doctor's appt. !!!!
I had to buy some OTC yeast infection stuff today, to boost the effect of the Diflucan pill, it hasn't fully kicked in yet, and normally it would be gone by now.

I love the coughing tip from Successtory, I just tried it, it really does help. (Thank You) [img]http://www.healthboards.com/ubb/t_up.gif[/img]

I know it sucks to be sick, especially with back pain, oh, why does all of this crap happen to us ???
How is your back feeling these days ? I hope well !

I just had two full glasses of grape juice to boost my energy.


How are you today ?
I hope all is well with you.
Your tips continue to amaze me, you really should be writing that book I mentioned, you are so cool !
We are so very fortunate to have you here with us :)

I also look forward to hopping on each day, I feel better myself, speaking to others in my own situation. I think it is also very healthy (mentally) to keep talking to each other, whether good or bad.

As far as the men/women stats go, I would love to know the real numbers.
I always assumed men would have many more back problems, seeing how they are always dealing with heavy lifting.
Maybe the answer is that the women use the computers more ????

Maybe some men will pop in and tell us what they think.......

I hope you both have a very happy new year !

Take care,