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Thanks to the two of you for posting about the infection. The nurse called me in a Rx for Levaquin, I do eat yogurt everyday, and I do have a Rx for Diflucan, with 12 refills :) I am still seeing green on my dressing, I do not have a fever, the area feels warmer then the rest of my back and it itches like mad. I have an immune deficiency and give myself gamma globulin infusions twice a week, which I think has helped more than anything. Levaquin :rolleyes: HA!

I will be seeing the Dr. on 1/2/07. I am so disappointed with this medical practice, words can not describe it. Bill, I am not sure that another Dr. would take me on at this point, but am going to investigate that after the holidays.

I appreciate you both thinking of me.

Merry Christmas
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Carol is absolutely correct with the stripping of the good bacteria in your system with everything you have going on, and 1 yogurt a day is very helpful. Wow, 12 refills of diflucan..that's serious anticipation of things, and I have a friend with Lupus and she has a lifetime refill of the stuff. I don't know how they were perscribed for you to take, but my doc of years past.. used to have me take 2 of those at a time, but spaced a few days apart. One tab doesn't often do the job.

If you ever get the notion to try a probiotic from a health store.. I would like to caution that you check with your doctor before doing so, especially in your somewhat fragile state at the moment.

I had something that happened just last Thursday. The reason for the caution, I have allergies. My allergist of years ago, suggested some holistic approaches to possibly improve my food allergies, since many food allergies are very relative to the inability to properly digest them. He suggested I try acidopholis (spelled wrong). It actually helped things some then. So 6+ years later, I thought.. what the heck.. I'll try them again, only this time I got a probiotic with other natural bacterias for the body than just the one above. Well it wasn't a smart move on my part. WHY? Well, I took one and within 1/2 hour I was in the Emergency Room with a Anaphylaxis reaction to the probiotic. If my body were a rocket, I could have sent myself into outerspace! hahaha. My entire body went flush and hot. I looked like I had been in a tanning booth ALL day with no sunblock! I was cherry red! Also having trouble breating. They hooked me up to IV and brought me back to normal in a few hours. The doctor came in an hour later and said.. WOW.. you like a totally different person. She said if you weren't my patient, I wouldn't have recognized you. It was that much of a difference. hahaha! Close call and lesson learned! I wont take stuff without asking the doctor first.

Glad you are at home and progressing in your healing. I wish you a very happy holiday for you and your family. Tammy:wave: