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I just completed radiation and chemotherapy treatment for throat cancer. It has left me with serious thrush. I have been on diflucan for 2 weeks, but it hasn't helped much. I have been eating yogurt, and rinsing with a baking soda/salt mixture. I really can't make many dietary modifications as what I can eat is fairly limited. Any ideas out there that would be safe for me?
I certainly hope that you have been helped by now!!

Diflucan is good but more for systemic fungus infections but should have worked for thrush.
I think Nystatin mixed as a gargle is probably the best for oral/ gastro candida infections.

Also, the unfriendly bacteria has to be replaced with good friendly bacteria that is in probiotics supplements like Culturelle, L sporogenes, PB-8, Primal Defense work well.

I have found no single probiotic supplements works for everyone. So, I suggest a shotgun approach-- try them all. Some re-colonize, some work with digestion and some pass through but replacement is very important.

The best yogurt I have found is Stonyfield Farm -- it contains 6 cultures and you can buy it Organically. Kefir is also loaded with friendly bacteria.


wish I could communicate with you. You sound bright. I am on 4- 500,000 units (tabs) of Diflucan for colon yeast-is this good. I am nervous because I keep hearing that nystatin is a useless drug and diflucan is better, but I was on diflucan for a month and it did not work, it had in the past. I just deveoped a yeast problem 4 years ago after a 3mth. use of advair and it went all thru me.:(