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They give a perscription called Diflucan for candida that goes into the bloodstream. It is not at all uncommon. Usually if it is this overgrown they can see it in your gut, your mouth. I have a lot of yeast and have been on it many times. It is great you got the scans. I would locate an INTEGRATED doctor, there has got to be one nearby. The integrated dr. would have given you at least nystatin (min of a month) To start you up. You can probably try and discuss this with your primary doctor. Many doctors will probably give it to you if you carefully explain yourself. I will warn you there is a die-off effect when the yeast starts to die-off, it is no picnic and feels like the flu, but there is a light on the other side. It sounds like you are really trying and seeing doctors and doing all you can do-NEVER give up! There is so much reading for you to do. Dr. Crook has a lot on yeast, research it on the net. I would still continue with regular doctors, i am sure you are very stressed and scared, this is not helpful to your condition! Be sure to drink at least 8-8oz of water a day and get a really good multivitamin, b complex and acidopholis. The only really good acidophilis i know is enzymatictherapies. It is at least a start point. Have your doctor do a full bloodwork and include a full blown thyroid test, including morning cortisol, b-12 and homocystine. If he wont -go to an endocrinologist-he will do it. You want to really make sure you do not overlook anything. If you ask your doctor with a firm and calm voice i am sure he will allow you to get the bloodwork, it would be stupid of him to ignore your request. Unfortunately, we live in a world where you need to do your own leg work and YOU need to be a part of YOUR care. Dr's are overwhelmed and it sucks for us. If they tell you its all stress, just explain yourself and demand the bloodwork and you will work on the stress. Any illness or chronic discomfort provides mass amounts of stress. It is a cowards way of saying "i dont know". I am sure stress is a factor though, but probably because your adrenal glands are exhausted!! Good luck and please believe in yourself and do not give up, once you give up noone will be willing to help you. :angel: