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:eek: Now I know what Shoreline and others have been talking about when it comes to Mallencort (sp?) products! I've been on Methadone for 8 months now and have always received the Methadose brand of the drug. Then in June, I began a three month in and out stay in the hospital for a broken hip, hip replacement, hip replacement again (femur broke) and finally a massive infection in August that had me in for 3 1/2 weeks and caused my hip replacement to be removed and now I'm without a hip for the foreseeable future. Anyway, my point is that I got the real Methadone in the hospital and the real Dilaudid for pain. There was such a difference in pain control with the methadone vs. mallencort's methadose that I've switched pharmacies in order to be able to get the real thing. But the pharmacy only filled the Dilaudid prescriptions with Mallencort brand and I've been miserable! I find that the 12 mg. of Dilaudid that I take every 4-6 hours in the Mallencort brand does not come close to giving me the pain relief that the brand or other generics gave me in the hospital. I just got a 2 weeks script filled and so I'[ll have to settle for what I have now. But when I get my next script filled I will ask for the brand name or another generic that isn't Mallencort!! Thanks for your posts....I've got a whole new outlook on what the differences are between the various generics out there by reading Shorelines posts and your posts. Thanks! KathyMac
Certainly always avoid any and all products made by mellencrap. While some drug manufacturers have certain products that are known to be not so good, most usually have a majority of their products with a good quality and reputation. (example, while endo's generic oc is not so good, most of their other products are still quite good such as their percocet and generic endocet brands among many others.) However, Mellencrap is alone as being the only company I know of that produces nothing but crap. Not one of their products can be considered high quality, all of them are weak and have cheap crappy fillers. For hydromorphone, try generic by aaipharma, endo, or the brand dilaudid made by abbott labs.
My pharmacy keeps the 8 mg hydromorphone (generic Dilaudid) made by Roxane. It is the only generic form of the medication I have used, and I am thankful that it works.

The only specific thing I remember my pharmacist saying is that the 8 mg hydromorphone by Roxane was difficult for his distributor to constantly obtain. However, he later told me that the backorder of this particular generic had been rectified in our area (Central FL).

It comes in manufacturer's bottles of 100 pills.
I wonder if there will be a company that will produce Dilaudid that not only allows me to have pain control the ones I have tried make me feel strange, I get angry, tired, and especially the one from Mallinckrodt it plain does not work, I had a Dr. inform me that pharmacies were backordering and that they take what they can get, I feel like a dog chasing it's tail another brand has an 8 on it has heart shape and the letters p d, my Uncle had cancer several years ago and he had to take Dilaudid can anyone tell me the original company who makes Dilaudid? I appreciate any help anyone can give.