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Hey I used to have really bad heartburn( more like burns in the stomach, really know why they call it heartburn? It's because when you feel the burning it feels like it's in your heart lol.So anyways i have been getting worst with acid reflux cause of the pain killers I am taking like dilaudid 6mg and Hydromorph Contin 24mg,and all the other pain killers I had been taking for a severe sprained back and 2 herniated disks. The pain killers may kill pain but they sure screw up your stomach,so I take Losec 20mg in the morning after breaky and 20mg before i go to bed.Oh boy does it feel good not having heartburns, but the side effects I get from it is severe stinking flatulence(fart) friends tell me they so bad even moves parked cars away:confused: lol

Anyways the downside of Losec is it's very expensive but very effective,make sure you have medical coverage.Anyways i have been on it for more than 10 years now and its good without it I hurt and fall on the ground in pain,then I throw it up and it burns the mouth and teeth.I will have to take it for life and my pain killers also,since i have tried every sort on the market to kill this chronic pain of mine,my back is finished and I still young:( Anyways cheers to you all,this HEALTHBOARD is pretty cool.:) have a nice day all of you ...;)