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Hey deen aside from the beeping which is just anoying, you guys decided to shut of the pump for fnancial reasons. I just read your post on chronic pain and and there is a cheap alternative. They could use methadone and even at very high doses you wouldn't spend more than 100 a month. If it was me I would leave the pump in untill your in a position to do it the right way and have the pump changed out when you have better or different isnsurance coverage.

If methadone isn't doable, every manufacturer has free med programs you can look into and there is info at the top of the page that describes these programs. Yes people fall through the cracks that don't meet the requirements but still can't aford 1500 a month on oral or intrathecal meds. That's when methadone is truly the only alternative. Not every PM doc is going to be comfy prescribing methadone, there is still alot of misinformation and stereo types about meth, but its a very potent and inexpensive pain med.

When I had no insurance, no job, waiting on SSD, it was my only option. I qualified for no financial aid due to my wifes salary and needed to replace 1500 a month worth of LA morphine with 60 bucks worth of methadone. This worked for years untill Medicare came out with a prescription program and I had my pump implanted. If your doc doesn't use meth, then you need to find one that is familiar with it's use and is willing to prescribe. The pump can stay and your spouse can still take an afordable oral.

I wouldn't be quick to yank the pump out over the beeping. Things may change, waiting untill you have coverage to replace the pump may be the smarter and certainly cheaper thing to do. The beeping will stop, findng an aforedable alternative untill your insurance situation changes is something many people have to deal with. Perrhaps one of these Candidates will make good on the promise of afordable healthcare for all, I also know neither has ever had to pick and choose what meds they can take based on cost when CEOs' of pharma companies make hundred million dollar salaries and somehow maintain patant rights up to and beyond 12 years.

My pump is well covered by medicare and my refills cost me about 50 bucks every 60 days for a fairly high dose of dilaudid. If she's unable to work then she needs to go through the social security process like everyone else, she will then be eligable for medicare and things will change, untill then, methadone is a reasonable option.
Good luck, Dave