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litroy, I just got back from my colorectal surgeon who had me using diltiazem cream for my anal fissure. My fissure is not very painful, so I was not sure how much I was improving. Anyway, she was ready to give me a botox injection when she looked at the fissure and said it was nearly healed. She gave me the botox anyway (which hurt) and I will continue the diltiazem. The key to healing for me (along w/ the cream) was to keep my stool as mushy as possible. I did take 2 colace daily along with 2 bowls of raisen bran (a.m and p.m) and drank prune juice(yuk). But it seemed to help, the bleeding stopped 2 weeks into starting this but it did take a month for me to start healing. I also took warm baths every night. I hope this helps because i know what you people mean about obsessing(about your butt!)