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[QUOTE=chicken liver]That is what my dog was diagnosed with 3 months ago. Unfortunatly I found out when he was having heart failure and his heart was beating 290 beats per minute. They had to shock his heart to get it to kick back down to a normal rythem. The cardialogist thinks that he may have always had this but now his body isn't kicking it back down. It happened again a week ago. Same senerio. They really don't know how to treat it. They keep telling me he can have surgery too. He is taking sotolol and enalpro. I would be intrested in knowing what you are taking - if anything. And what seems to trigger it? I did post something on the heart board - you may want to check that out.

I have the exact same thing. I was going to the e. room 3 times a week. They had to literaly stop my heart from beating 180 per. and then restart it.
Ask your doctor about Diltiazem XR 180MG.
I started taking them 2 yrs ago and havent had a spell since.