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Ataxia is a symptom not a diagnosis. When you see the word ataxia replace it with walking or balance problems. There is ATAXIA a disease but these would be the SCA's (spino-cerrebellar-ataxias), etc. I have done a LOT of reasearch on ataxia, as they said this is what my mother had. Letters from her doctors said she had ataxia (SCA) however all of her genitic tests were negative. She also had symptoms of MS, and Parkinson's (parkinsonism). Well guess what , she went back to the neuroligists who her other doctors said, he said she had SCA. He told her she DID NOT have SCA. In the mean time her other doctors told her she would only get progresssively worse. She was already in a wheel chair. I talked to an ataxia specialists in New York (Her other doctors were at on of the top five hospitals in the U.S.). The specialists in New York said he thought she had perphiral neuropathy caused by statin drugs (Lipitor) with ataxia secondary(walking problems). Guess what he was right. She is now walking , with a walker, going out to dinner again, going to church, and even doing some shopping with my father. One other thing, she was low in CoQ10 because of the statins and also low in magnesium because of taking diltiazem (diuretics). Low magnesium can cause ataxia (walking and balance problems), and also mimic MS. See how ataxia doesn't sound as bad now when you insert the walking and balance problems instead of the word ataxia. The SCA's are bad but don't worry until you find out the results. My mother really thought she was going to die on several occassions...it was ALL related to medications. You said you have to regain you footing or you would fall, the best part is you can regain your footing. With Real ATAXIA (the disease) you cannot do that. you will fall. Real ataixia the (SCA's etc>) does not come and go. My guess low magnesium, which can cause inner ear problems. You need a special test for intracellular magnesium. If interested post back and i'll tell you were to get it done. It cannot be the normal doctor serum or red blood cell test, because these can still show normal and you could really be deficient. Might want to look up low magnesium...it fits you pretty well. remember ataxia is a symptom not a diagnosis. Good luck you'll be fine