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I tried the nitro, and didn't have much success but then I went to a different doctor and got what was called diltiazem (sp?). It really worked, along with taking warm baths, drinking alot of water and watching my diet. When I went back for my check up the doc will do a botox injection if the fissure was not healed. When she checked me she said wow, the fissure is just about healed from the medication, but gave me the botox injection anyway. OUCH! :eek: But even without it, I had very good results from the diltiazem. Maybe ask your doc about it! Good luck!
I was recovering from a hemmorhoidectomy when I got the fissure sO I am not sure exactly how long I had it but I would say a couple of months. I was taking colace but it didn't seem to help me but hey whatever works, right? When I went to the 2nd doc who prescribed the diltiazem, she recommended fiber-all, or benefiber or metamucil instead, that has worked and I eat some type of bran cereal for breakfeast. Try to get a prescription before you even think about surgery.It helped for me! :bouncing: Alot of water helps too.If you have any other questions, just ask I'd be glad to help! :)
I agree with you about the baths. That seemed to help me alot. I took one every evening then applied the diltiazem. I didn't have alot of pain with mine as some people do, thank goodness! But I was still recovering from a very painful hemmorhoidectomy so I did not want any more surgery, NO WAY! :eek: So when I wasn't getting anywhere with my surgeon, I found a colorectal surgeon and she was great. She did talk to me about my diet and fiber and said surgery was the last resort. She would do 2 botox treatments first. After using the cream though, it was really healing. I told her to do the botox anyway because her office was a good ways from my house. It was really painful, I won't lie but just for a few seconds. :eek: I didn't like the idea of having that muscle cut either especially right after the first messed up surgery. Hope this helps!keep me posted. :)