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About 6 months ago, I started having a lot of pain with my bowel movements along with blood. My family doctor told me that I had hemorroids. He gave me suppositories, but they didnt work. So I saw a specialist, and he said he found 2 fissures, along with 2 hematomas, which were thought to be the hemorroids. He gave me diltiazem ointment, which didnt really work. I've been on a high fibre diet, taking in about 40 g of fibre a day (from bran cereals, metamucil, vegetables) everyday. I'm a little better, but have had a couple of relapses. I honestly dont see myself getting back to 100 % this way. So, it looks like I'm gonna have a lateral internal sphincterotemy. My doc already told me he's performed a number of surgeries, and there has been no incontinence with his patients. However when I asked him about the chance of a relapse, he said theres a good chance. So I'm not sure what to do now? I want a long term solution. I can't deal with this any longer. It's changed my whole lifestyle. I'm only 21, and just want to be back to normal. Is there any chance of this happening? If anyone has had any experience with the surgery, can you please tell me everything about your experience. i would really appreciate it. Sorry this is so long.