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Just like watchout, I have a nasty fissure, and I originally thought it was hemroids. I didn't take it seriously at all. I didn't modify my diet, and simply threw some Preperation H on there. At first, it was a lot of bleeding, and that was about it. But then after a few weeks, the pain set in, and I knew something was wrong. I waited too long to do anything about it, and let the thing get totally out of hand. Now I might need surgery. I have constant spasms that are driving me nuts.

Some things have helped though. I take two Colace (stool softeners) a day, one in the morning and one at night. I also get the daily allowance of fiber, and use a medication called Diltiazem which relaxes the sphincter. This routine should heal most fissures, but mine is so bad, it gets re-aggravated all the time. I'll think I have this thing beat, and one bad bowel movement later, I'm in pain again.
It's nothing to be embarrassed about. It's just a health issue like any other, and doctors see it all the time.

I certainly sounds like a fissure to me. I get the awful burning as well, especially if I eat something that aggravates it.

Start taking a stool softener twice a day, and a glass of metamucil once a day. Avoid nuts and corn, as well as spicey food. Avoid red meat. Use a heat pad for your bum -it helps a lot. Also use some vaseline when you have a BM. Do this for a couple weeks, and if it doesn't clear up, go see your doctor.

I was put on a prescription called Diltiazem (an ointment) that helps a lot. It relaxes the sphincter, and makes BMs easier. Unfortunately, it doesn't heal the fissure. It really only helps prevent further irritation.

I know what you are going through believe me. These chronic fissures are awful, and take forever to heal. Some require surgery. I'm hoping to avoid the knife, but I might be deluding myself, since mine is so chronic. I'll go a few days with very few problems, only to tear the thing again, and be miserable for the next 4 days.
I know what you are going through Liz. A few weeks back, I thought I had the fissure(s) under control. I was eating right, taking colace and Diltiazem, and not bleeding. Then I went and worked out at the gym, and woke up with horrible spasms. A couple days later, I had a hard bowel movement, and got ripped up again. Bleeding started all over again. Then I managed to get the bleeding to stop, but the spasms kept up. I went out to a X-mas party on Saturday, drank some wine and had a bunch of chips. the next morning, I had a big, hard bm, and got ripped up all over again, More pain and misery followed.

I've had it. I'm getting the surgery done.

It is my understanding that once scar tissue forms, the fissure is almost impossible to get rid of without surgery. My fissure has probably been with me for years, but it didn't always give me problems.

So my plan of action is this...

1. Get the surgery done, in order to stop the spasms and damage.
2. Go on a vegitarian diet for 6 months at least.

and hope to God I can rid myself of this problem for good. I've gone from chronic sinus problems (since solved), to chronic rectal problems. I don't know which is worse!

I know what you are going through. I first developed fissures about 14 years ago (I'm 34), probably due to a lousy diet and lack of fiber. They came and went, and never bothered me very much. Then this year, I had a lot of medical problems (sinus operation, adverse reaction to a drug that caused nerve damage and vasculitis), and I really ripped the fissures big time. I did all the stuff you did -wipes, cotton, suppositories, etc. This went on for a couple months, until I get fed up and went to see a surgeon. He gave me a drug to take called Diltiazem, which helped, but I would still rip the fissure if I had a big bowel movement, so I got into a cycle of re-injury.

These chronic fissures are really miserable things... the pain is something else. I can't work out at the gym, because I'm afraid of aggravating the condition even more.

I haven't tried the Glycolax/Miralax, but I will ask my doctor about it. I have to take 3 stool softeners a day, or the bm's are just way to hard, and painful to pass. It's so sensitive down there.

So I've elected to have the surgery done to correct this. I've had enough. Apparently, it's a 10 minute outpatient procedure, and the recovery isn't very bad. Everyone that has had it done says there is instant relief, although the fissure still takes a few weeks to completely heal. I think I'm just too tight down there. Probably genetic, and aggravated by stress and diet.

I'm going in on Thursday, so I'll let ya'll know how it turns out.

I would recommend you take 2-3 stool softeners a day, and get lots of soluble fiber, like apples and melons. Avoid dairy and red meat, and don't lift weights. Keep taking the Glycolax, and take warm baths twice a day. Talk to your doctor about getting some Diltiazem -it's a great drug, but it doesn't really cure the fissure, it just helps with the pain during BM's. Try this for 6 weeks or so, and if you're still miserable, I would go for the surgery. Too many people live with this for years, when it can be easily corrected.